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The Antilibrary on CERRO POINT BLANCO by Lehman Brothers

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As part of Nature as Infrastructure - A proposition by The Winter Office. 

From 28. November to 12. December 2020

Cerro Point Blanco
By Lehman Brothers
Really Simple Syndication Press, 2020
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The Antilibrary, represented by Oscar Salguero, hosts a zoom review of the publication Cerro Point Blanco by Lehman Brothers. The publication emerged alongside the Lehman Brothers’ exhibition of the same name at SixtyEight Art Institute, August 2020. The book contains a newly commissioned text by Lehman Brothers, which takes Herman Melville's Moby Dick as a framing metaphor to look at titanium extraction in northern Chile. Chilean curator, Rodolfo Andaur, contributes an essay on the history of extraction in the Atacama region to trace the development of neoliberal globalization and the ecological degradation that we see today. This is followed by a text from the Danish artist Kristian Byskov who draws out the relationship between necropolitics and the widespread protests in Chile in 2019. Poet and thinker David Lau looks at the legacy of extractivism as it manifests itself in Silicon Valley and post-Covid financial stakes. The final essay by the editors and curators of the exhibition of the same name at SixtyEight Art Institute (in August 2020) make the case that art is the Anthropocene and vice versa to argue that art must self-reflect while also taking an active role in responding to environmental destruction and in the imagining of a post-extractivist economy.

In preparation for this event, The Antilibrary asked everyone who zoomed in to survey their homes in advance and select one object that contains titanium or titanium dioxide*. The result of this collective inquiry will be manifested into an unofficial print-at-home chapter in the spirit of Lehman Brothers’ Cerro Point Blanco.

The Antilibrary identifies unconventional trends and future attitudes via the study of independent artist books. More than a library, it is an experiment in cultural pattern recognition and culture alteration. Some subjects of interest include: Trumpiana, post-fossil matter, scent futures, AI-authored literature, fictional cookbooks, etc. Next Spring 2021 at the Center for Book Arts NY, the Antilibrary will present “Interspecies Futures [IF],” the first major survey of books by leading bio artists and speculative designers on the topic of conceptual interspecies interactions.

Oscar Salguero is a Peruvian-American researcher, critical designer, and independent book curator based in Brooklyn, where he runs The Antilibrary. His work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, most recently, as part of non:agency’s The Age of Entanglements during Stockholm Design Week, 2020. Salguero will present Interspecies Futures [IF], his first major book curation program at the Center for Book Arts, NY. The show will highlight the work of emerging bioartists and speculative designers using the codex as post-fictional tools. 

Lehman Brothers is an artist group based in Copenhagen, formed in 2012. Since 2018 has been composed of Peter Birkholm, Christian Danielewitz, Jonas Kasper Jensen and Kim Young Kilde. The group came about following the collapse of the well-known global financial services firm of the same name, as such they deal with subject matters connected to the deregulation of capitalism. Lehman Brothers have exhibited at Museo Nacional de Arte, Mexico City (2017), RAT School of Art, Seoul (2016), OK Corral, Copenhagen (2016), and Bucharest Biennale 7, Bucharest (2016), to name a few.

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