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Re-wildering Holographic Weeds, No. 2

Work   •   Nature As Infrastructure

Re-wildering Holographic Weeds, No. 2


Lithographic print on paper. 

64,92cm x 46,35cm

As part of Nature as Infrastructure - A proposition by The Winter Office.

Re-wildering holographic weeds is a central artwork of The Winter Office, and was first introduced in last year’s solo exhibition at Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena, California. This lithographic print of a weed engages a near-future, where the loss of the earth’s verdant ecology, means memories of nature are made using mass-produced holograms. Provoking the viewer to reflect upon how we will use technology in the future to respond to the mass extinction of flora and fauna. The image originated from a spatial and site study process starting with a cultural study of previous exhibitions and projects organized at InstantHERLEV institute, in Herlev, Denmark. Followed by The Winter Office’s own exhibition By Invitation Only at InstantHerlev and concluding with the Armory exhibition, Non-Perfect Dwelling, in 2019.

The Danish weeds captured in these series were first planted by Gitte Juul in 2011 for her own project at InstantHerlev, The Winter Office in 2014 opened the asphalt floor where Juul’s weeds once grew and documentation of these plants was carried out at the request of TWO by Anja Franke, which formed the necessary documentation in which the whole series is based. 

This almost decade long investigation between site study and artistic research is at the center of the group’s ongoing theoretical approaches to thinking of Nature as an infrastructural principle and adding to it a new symbolic value that prioritizes its conservation. In this case, this artwork, less of a warning, and more of a vision of a future we can attain through our current complacency on how we relate to nature. 

The group initially released 30 edition prints of No.1, Printed by Francesco Siqueiros at Nopal Press in Los Angeles. This new run of lithographs will be printed in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

The new edition of No. 2 is in progress and can be pre-ordered here

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