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Conversation with Silina Syan

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During her Triangle – Astérides residency from September to December 2021, Silina Syan did research on the Association for Research and Archiving of Armenian Memory (ARAM) in Marseille. For BRUISE Magazine, the artist discusses, in a series of voice messages with Camille Ramanana Rahary, about a set of images made with her own mobile phone relating the encounters that punctuated her visits to ARAM, her relationship with the archives, her working methodologies, the questioning that underlies her practice as well as her cultural and family heritage.

Silina Syan thanks Astrid Artin-Loussikian and all the volunteers of ARAM. The images in this video were filmed in the artist's studio in Triangle - Astérides and in the archives with the kind permission of the association.

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