BRUISE is an online publication providing visibility for ideas, conversations, experiments, and projects generated outside of traditional exhibition spaces by artists and their associates in dialogue with Triangle - Astérides, centre d’art contemporain in Marseille.


The Winter Office

The Winter Office is an artistic work group consisting of artists, curators, architects, designers and social scientists founded in 2010 by the American artist Hugo Hopping and the Danish architect/urban planner Johanna Ferrer Guldager.The Winter Office is involved with various initiatives that express themselves both in art and architecture; and in favor of new uses for social/urban planning and design. To this end, the group seeks challenges in the production of final objects, constructions, research and exhibitions to introduce non-ideal values of spatial justice to raise the quality of the built environment. The group is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

For Bruise, The Winter Office proposes the programme "Nature as Infrastructure" from 14. November to 12. December.