BRUISE is an online publication providing visibility for ideas, conversations, experiments, and projects generated outside of traditional exhibition spaces by artists and their associates in dialogue with Triangle - Astérides, centre d’art contemporain in Marseille.


Commun.e - Teesa Bahana

Conversations   •   Ziphozenkosi Dayile

This fourth session of Commun.e is a singular one as it is also part of Triangle Network TV, a new YouTube channel produced by Triangle Network. It gathers Ziphozenkosi Dayile, curator of this programme, and Teesa Bahana, director of 32°East Ugandan Arts Trust. Together they engage into a conversation on civil engagement in culture through institutions and community art centers. 

Based in Cape Town, Breaking Bread is a multidisciplinary art space that uses food to bring people together and induce cultural dialogue. They ultimately seek to arrive at new understandings of the politics and aesthetics of food, and to further refine our own approaches towards building communities of solidarity in the context of our multidisciplinary practice. 

32° East | Ugandan Arts Trust is an independent non-profit organisation, focused on the creation and exploration of contemporary art in Uganda. Their multi-purpose resource centre is based in the capital city Kampala and includes studios, accommodation for artists in residence, a contemporary art library, computers & editing suites, meeting areas and outdoor workshop space.