BRUISE is an online publication providing visibility for ideas, conversations, experiments, and projects generated outside of traditional exhibition spaces by artists and their associates in dialogue with Triangle - Astérides, centre d’art contemporain in Marseille.


Emii Alrai - Capture

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During her residency at Triangle - Asterides, Emii Alrai (1993, UK) conceived a new project, Capture. Far from the monumental installations she usually creates, it takes the form of a film where her voice is combined with the photographs she took during her stay. For three months, she explored the collections of the Musée d'Histoire de Marseille and the regional archaeological sites in order to extract the material for this work and to continue her research on postcolonial museography. 

The film is accompanied by a conversation with the curator Flora Fettah, which you can also read on Bruise Magazine.

 Capture was suported by Fluxus Art Projects