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Harilay Rabenjamina - is this my bio?

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Harilay Rabenjamina - Is this my bio?
Harilay Rabenjamina, is this my bio?, video series, 2021

Harilay Rabenjamina (France, 1992) presents and embodies numerous characters with humour and affection. He imbues them with elements of pop culture that have shaped the imaginary of our generation (RnB groups from the 2000s, musicals, personal development coaches) and with forms, often fallen out of use, that have marked that culture (operettas, declamation, classical music and vaudeville) and that furthermore offer a favourable setting for dramatisation. Constantly oscillating between the comic and tragic, his performances unfold in installations where video, images, music and singing blend, and in which he underlines the contradictions produced by the orders of self-branding.  

The artist experiments, furthermore, with new artistic devices and injects performativity into other mediums. Thus, the videos that we present today on Bruise Magazine are the fruits of the artist’s reflections on this subject and of the research undertaken during his residency at Triangle - Astérides, Marseille, from January to April 2021. 

Four videos, like episodes of a soap opera or a YouTube channel, will be released, one after another, this week. Each evening, from Tuesday to Friday, Bruise Magazine’s audience are invited to share a moment with Harilay, whose persona will dispense advice, love and feelings.

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Is this my bio ? was visible on Bruise Magazine between April 20th and June 9th, 2021.

Translation French - English : Bea Bottomley