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Commun.e - Belinda Zhawi

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Commun.e - Session 1 : Contemplations on cultural formations, resilience, resistance and ways of being together

Belinda Zhawi - South x South East

For Commun.eBelinda Zhawi merges two existing poems. The first one, South x South East evoques two of her home: South-Est of Africa, where Zimbabwe is, and South-Est London, where she lives since she arrived in the UK. To her words, she is adding sounds, recorded in these two places, and then compares and connects the two geographies.  

At the end of the day, Belinda Zhawi took part to a conversation gathering Moesha 13, Buhlebezwe Siwani, Ziphozenkosi Dayile, Flora Fettah and the audience. 

Belinda Zhawi is a Zimbabwean literary & sound artist. She is the author of Small Inheritances (ignitionpress, 2018) and South of South East (Bad Betty Press, 2019), co-founder of literary arts platform BORN::FREE & experiments with sound/text performance as MA.MOYO.

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Subtitles - Mohammed Aitallah

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