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Commun.e - Eden Tinto-Collins

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Commun.e - Session 1 : Contemplations on cultural formations, resilience, resistance and ways of being together

Part 1 : The artists who creates within-circles 

Eden Tinto-Collins graduated from the Fine arts school of Cergy. Her work is transmedia: video, poetry, performance, one at the time and all together. 

It is because she explores the notions of networks and interdependence, and because she applied them in a horizontal way that we decided to invite her to take part to this first moment of Commun.e. Indeed, Eden is working with several collectives :  Black(s) to the Future, with whom she is building an afrofuturist archive ; Gystère live Gang, that explores the protest aspect of music genres ;  Yoke collectif that creates film workshops and cultural events, in collaboration with several festivals. 

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Conversation with Eden-Tinto-Collins, following her presentation

Eden Tinto-Collins, Bonne arrivée, zero2editions, 2021

Eden Tinto-Collins et Nicolas Worms, Tombé.e dans Ton histoire crépue de Seumboy, 2021 

Logiciel Diabole par Mawena Yehouessi sur Black(s) to the Future

Long term collaboration with the artist Miles Greenberg

Gystere - Mxnsplanation 

Eden Tinto-Collins and Gystere - WOMXN, The Nightmare Of You Know Who 🚀☎️🐬

Eden Tinto-Collins developed her practice of fine arts through the National School of Fine Arts of Paris Cergy and during her internship in Ghana in the structure directed by Bibie Brew at the New Morning. Poetician and hyper-media artist, she explores in a horizontal wave of collaborations the notions of interdependency, f.r.ictions between melancholia, mythology and post/trans/cyber/humanity.Her  language is imaginal as she creates moments of care, staged and set through music, activated by re-enactment. She is also creating a project, mixing poetry, net-art, in situ performance and space opera, Numin, based on her first book, Bonne arrivée ou la Numination published in May 2021.

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