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Commun.e - Moesha 13

Videos   •   Flora FettahZiphozenkosi Dayile

Commun.e - Session 1 : Contemplations on cultural formations, resilience, resistance and ways of being together

Moesha 13 - NOUS !

For Commun.e, during an hour and half, Moesha 13 aka Shaun, who is a performer and DJ, shared with us a musical score made from tracks they compose and sound documents they put together in situ. 

Moesha 13's performance was followed by a conversation were they discuss with other participants (Belinda Zhawi, Buhlebezwe Siwani) and curators Ziphozenkosi Dayile & Flora Fettah.

With a focus on creating experimental music-scapes, their work is marked by activism and performance, MOESHA 13, who is already an underground icon, sings, DJs, performs, speaks and produces a unique blend of French rap and hardcore with an sunny southern French touch. Their approach is to set an inclusive, decolonialist and gender fluid stage for a soundscape filled with hybrid individuals who choose where they belong during a performance, a night or a philosophy of living.

From the clubs to the festivals, their self-taught music is heard, lived and danced on stages around the world (Berghain, CTM, Nyege Nyege) and broadcasted on radio NTS. MOESHA 13 is one of the artists of the 2020’s year (unanimously) selected by the European platform SHAPE. MOESHA 13 is now SHAUN.

Videos ©  Margaux Vendassi

Subtitles - Mohammed Aitallah

Photography © Grégoire d’Ablon

© Architectes Rudy Ricciotti et Roland Carta / Mucem